London Family based Alt-Country Blues & Rock Outfit

Starry Ray and family join forces to create something special

"Introducing 'Pullin' Strings,' a dynamic Country Rock outfit that weaves tales of life and love through the captivating synergy of an array of exceptional singer-songwriters. With male-female harmonies that resonate with authenticity, 'Pullin' Strings' brings a fresh and soulful sound to the heart of country music. Each performance is a journey into the heartland, where raw emotions and storytelling meet in a melodious dance. Comprising multi award winning artist Starry Ray with her exceptional vocal and songwriting skills and Summer who brings that touch of magic with her haunting vocals to this exquisite outfit, other members include, multi- instrumentalists, Thunder and Storm who seamlessly blend their skills and distinct voices and songwriting prowess to create a harmonious blend of traditional country roots and contemporary rock influences. 'Pullin' Strings' invites you to experience the genuine passion and musical craftsmanship that define their signature sound, leaving an indelible mark on the country music landscape.

All members were already well established artists in their own rights, and because they are family the harmonies are special and blend together like nothing you've ever heard before. They have been writing and recording for years and decided to put together Pullin’ Strings. Now gaining the attention of some well respected songwriters and record producers they are coming together to bring you a family band that is special and never seen before.

Working with the 'Godfather of EQ' John Oram on their self titled album ‘Pullin’ Strings’ which features so far many famous country musicians and due for release 2024.

Want to catch Pullin' Strings at a venue near you? keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates across the UK, Europe and the USA in 2024.